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Quantum Computing


[Quantum Computing for Beginners - Building Qubits.pdf]
[Quantum Computing.pdf]
[Quantum Computing.pdf]
[Quantum Computing.pdf]
[Physical implementations of quantum computing.pdf]
[The Limits of Knowledge Philosophical and
practical aspects of building a quantum computer.pdf
[Adiabatic quantum computation - a tutorial for computer scientists.pdf]
[Implementations of Quantum Computing.pdf]
[Bits and Qubits.pdf]
[Lecture No I.pdf]
[1 - INTRODUCTION - Why Quantum Physics.pdf]
[3 - 1 WAVEPACKETS.pdf]
[5 - TUNNELING.pdf]
[Applied Superconductivity Lecture 1.pdf]
[Buttiker's Formula.pdf]
[Electron Spin.pdf]
[Hydrogen Atom.pdf]

Harmonic Oscillator

[Harmonic Oscillator - Brute Force Approach.pdf]
[Harmonic Oscillator - Classical vs Quantum.pdf]
[Harmonic Oscillator - Motion in a Magnetic Field.pdf]
[Harmonic Oscillator - Operator Approach.pdf]


[An Introduction to Quantum Computing.pdf]
[Tutorial on Quantum Computing.pdf]
[Topological quantum computation.pdf]
[Quantum Computing.pdf]

Quantum Algorithms

[Tutorial Quantum Algorithms.pdf]
[Quantum Algorithms & Beyond.pdf]
[Why Quantum Algorithms.pdf]
[Continuous Quantum Hidden Subgroup Algorithms.pdf]
[Lecture No II.pdf]
[Lecture No III.pdf]



[Superconducting qubits.pdf]
[Witnessing Genuine Many-qubit Entanglement with
Very Few Local Measurements.pdf
[Superconductingflux qubits.pdf]
[Superconducting devices for quantum information processing.pdf]
[Robust and Scalable Flux Qubit.pdf]
[Qubit Applications.pdf]
[Quantum Control of Qubits and Quantum Systems.pdf]
[NanoWire Team spin-orbit qubits and Majorana Fermions.pdf]
[Nano Gate Realization to Read n-Qubit stored within Modulated
Nanowire and Quantum Information Processing.pdf
[Multifunctional optimal qubit cloner.pdf]
[Measuring Entangelement wit Universal Time-Bin Qubit Analyzers.pdf]
[Landau-Zener interferometry with superconducting qubits.pdf]
[Lecture 5.pdf]
[From quantum processes to algorithms - The ion-qubit quantum tool box.pdf]
[Hybrid Quantum Circuit with a Superconducting
Qubit coupled to a Spin Ensemble.pdf
[Exploring the Interaction of Photons and Qubits in
Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics.pdf
[N-qubit Proofs of the Kochen-Specker Theorem.pdf]
[Quantum Measurement.pdf]
[Quantum Measurement.pdf]
[Black hole - qubit correspondence.pdf]
[Coherent states and charge qubits in quantum dot systems.pdf]
[A constructive approach to separability of two qubit systems - Optimal preparation.pdf]


[Introduction to superconductivity.pdf]
[Introduction to Superconductivity.pdf]
[Introduction to Superconductivity.pdf]
[Lecture 10 - Supercurrent Equation.pdf]
[Lecture 17 - Type II Superconductors.pdf]
[Lecture5 - Classical Model of a Superconductor.pdf]
[Origins of the Theory of Superconductivity .pdf]
[/PDFs/Quantum/Tutorials/X3/Superconducting Digital Circuits II.pdf]
[Superconductivity in the newest generation of Heavy Electron
Superconductors PuCoGa5 & NpAl2Pd5.pdf
[Tutorial On Superfuidity and Superconductivity.pdf]

Josephson Junction

[Lecture 11 - Basic Josephson Junctions.pdf]
[Generalized JosephsonJunctions.pdf]
[Quantum coherencein Josephson-junction qubits.pdf]
[AC-DC Josephson Effects and the RCSJ Model.pdf]
[Josephson Junctions.pdf]
[Lecture 10 - Superconductivity.pdf]
[Noise in Bose Josephson junctions - decoherence & phase relaxation.pdf]
[Peculiar Josephson vortex structure for (plus)(minus)s-wave in Josephson junctions with multiple tunneling channels.pdf]
[Quantum phase fluctuations in Josephson junction systems.pdf]
[Realization of superconducting quantum devices
based on tunnel Josephson junctions.pdf
[Self-consistent modeling of charge redistributions in Josephson junctions.pdf]
[Superconductor-Correlated metal-Superconductor Josephson junctions
for high-speed digital electronics.pdf
[Superconductor-Ferromagnet-Superconductor Josephson phi-junctions.pdf]
[Lecture 11 - Basic Josephson Junctions.pdf]


[SQUID - Superconducting QUantum Interference Device.pdf]
[Manipulation and coupling of Josephson qubits.pdf]

Quantum Gates

[Quantum Logic Gates for Capacitively Coupled Josephson Junctions.pdf]

Quantum Knots

[An Intuitive Overview of the Theory of Quantum Knots.pdf]
[Quantum Knots & Mosaics.pdf]
[Quantum Knots.pdf]
[The Geometry of Fox’s Free Calculus with
Applications to Higher Dimensional Knots.pdf
[Knot Theory and Quantum Groups.pdf]

Topological Quantum Computing

[Topological Quantum Computing and the Jones Polynomial.pdf]
[Quantum Braids & Mosaics.pdf]
[Can Topologically protected Universal Quantum computation
be achieved with known systems.pdf
[Topological Quantum Information Theory.pdf]

Distributed Quantum Computing

[Distributed Quantum Computing.pdf]

Quantum Circuits

[Tutorial - Basic Concepts in Quantum Circuits.pdf]
[Quantum Circuits.pdf]

One-Way Quantum Computing

[One-way Quantum Computation.pdf]


[Atomic Quantum Spin Systems In Optical Lattices.pdf]
[Quantum Information & Cold Atoms.pdf]
[Quantum Information Processing - Lecture_7.pdf]
[The Quantum Computer Game.pdf]

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