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Journal Articles Related to
Quantum Information Science & Technology

Articles by
Professor Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr

[A Quick Glance at Quantum Cryptography.pdf]
[A Rosetta Stone for Quantum Mechanics with An Itroduction to Quantum Computing.pdf]
[A Talk on Quantum Cryptography or How Alice Outwits Eve.pdf]
[An Entangeled Tale of Quantum Entangelement.pdf]
[Comparing Quantum Entanglement and Topological Entanglement.pdf]
[Grover's Quantum Search Algorithm.pdf]
[Quantum Hidden Subgroup Algorithms - A Mathematical Perspective.pdf]
[Quantum knots and mosaics.pdf]

Theory of Computing - The Journal
All Publiced Articles about Quantum Computing

[A new quantum lower bound method, with an application
to a strong direct product theorem for quantum search.pdf
[A Quantum Algorithm for the Hamiltonian NAND Tree.pdf]
[A Simple PromiseBQP-complete Matrix Problem.pdf]
[All Quantum Adversary Methods are Equivalent.pdf]
[Derandomizing the Ahlswede-Winter matrix-valued Chernoff bound
using pessimistic estimators, and applications.pdf
[Discrete-Query Quantum Algorithm for NAND Trees.pdf]
[Inverting a Permutation is as Hard as Unordered Search.pdf]
[Limitations of Quantum Advice and One-Way Communication.pdf]
[Near-Optimal and Explicit Bell Inequality Violations.pdf]
[On the Power of a Unique Quantum Witness.pdf]
[Parallel Repetition - Simplifications and the No-Signaling Case.pdf]
[Polynomial Degree and Lower Bounds in Quantum Complexity
- Collision and Element Distinctness with Small Range.pdf
[Quantum Expanders - Motivation and Constructions.pdf]
[Quantum Fan-out is Powerful.pdf]
[Quantum Interactive Proofs with Short Messages.pdf]
[Quantum Lower Bound for the Collision Problem with Small Range.pdf]
[Quantum Money from Hidden Subspaces.pdf]
[Quantum Private Information Retrieval with Sublinear Communication Complexity.pdf]
[Quantum Search of Spatial Regions.pdf]
[Quantum Versus Classical Proofs and Advice.pdf]
[Semidefinite Programs for Completely Bounded Norms.pdf]
[Span-Program-Based Quantum Algorithm for Evaluating Formulas.pdf]
[The Computational Complexity of Linear Optics.pdf]
[The Power of Unentanglement.pdf]
[The Quantum and Classical Complexity of Translationally
-Invariant Tiling and Hamiltonian Problems.pdf
[Time-Space Efficient Simulations of Quantum Computations.pdf]
[Two-Source Extractors Secure Against Quantum Adversaries.pdf]

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