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Quantum Information Science & Technology

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[A small trapped-ion quantum register.pdf]
[Compatibility of subsystem states.pdf]
[Counterfactual quantum computation through quantum interrogation.pdf]
[Decoherence, re-coherence, and the black hole information paradox.pdf]
[Diese Verdammte Quantenspringerei.pdf]
[Distributed quantum computing - A distributed Shor algorithm.pdf]
[Duality and the geometric measure of entanglement of general multiqubitW states.pdf]
[Entanglement and density-functional theory testing approximations on Hooke’s atom.pdf]
[Entanglement Criteria - Quantum and Topological.pdf]
[Entangling Power of Permutations.pdf]
[Evolving Blackbox Quantum Algorithms using Genetic Programming.pdf]
[Evolving Hogg's Quantum Algorithm Using Linear-Tree GP.pdf]
[From Classical State-Swapping to Quantum Teleportation.pdf]
[Generalized GHZ States and Distributed Quantum Computing.pdf]
[Genetic Programming for Quantum Computers.pdf]
[Geometric local invariants and pure three-qubit states.pdf]
[Global asymmetry of many-qubit correlations - A lattice gauge theory approach.pdf]
[How and why the wave function collapses after a measurement.pdf]
[How entangled can two couples get.pdf]
[Infinite matrices may violate the associative law.pdf]
[Is quantum mechanics compatible with a deterministic universe.pdf]
[14-qubit entanglement - creation and coherence.pdf]
[A note on threshold theorem of fault-tolerant quantum computation.pdf]
[A single-atom electron spin qubit in silicon.pdf]
[Abelian and non-Abelian gauge fields in dipole-dipole interacting Rydberg atoms.pdf]
[Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical lattice with tunable spacing
- transport and static properties.pdf
[Computational complexity of curved space-time.pdf]
[Demonstration of conditional quantum phase shift between ions in a solid.pdf]
[Experimental realization of Shors quantum factoring
algorithm using nuclear magnetic resonance.pdf
[Experimental realisation of Shors quantum
factoring algorithm using qubit recycling.pdf
[High quantum-efficiency photon-number-resolving detector
for photonic on-chip information processing.pdf
[Is Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation Really Possible.pdf]
[Life after charge noise - recent results with transmon qubits.pdf]
[Linear Optical Quantum Computing in a Single Spatial Mode.pdf]
[Lower Bounds of Quantum Search for Extreme Point.pdf]
[Novel coherent quantum bit using spatial quantization
levels in semiconductor quantum dot.pdf
[Observation of Coherent Oscillations in a Single Electron Spin.pdf]
[On-chip low loss heralded source of pure single photons.pdf]
[Observation of high coherence in Josephson junction qubits measured
in a three-dimensional circuit QED architecture.pdf
[Optimal Blind Quantum Computation.pdf]
[Quantum Computation with Quantum Dots.pdf]
[Quantum Computers Speed Up Classical with Probability Zero.pdf]
[Quantum Factorization of 143 on a Dipolar-Coupling NMR system.pdf]
[Quantum Register Based on Individual Electronic and Nuclear Spin Qubits in Diamond.pdf]
[Quantum teleportation between remote atomic-ensemble quantum memories.pdf]
[Real-time control of the periodicity of a standing wave an optical accordion.pdf]
[Reliable Quantum Computers.pdf]
[Scalable Superconducting Architecture for Adiabatic Quantum Computation.pdf]
[Superabsorption of light via quantum engineering.pdf]
[Superconducting qubit in waveguide cavity with coherence time approaching 0,1ms.pdf]
[The Connection Between Spin and Statistics.pdf]
[Vibration-assisted resonance in photosynthetic excitation energy transfer.pdf]
[A general formulation of discrete-time quantum mechanics.pdf]
[A study on photon-entanglement from the biexciton cascade in a quantum dot.pdf]
[Aharonov-Bohm Scattering of a Localized Wave Packet - Analysis of the Forward Direction.pdf]
[Alternative Computational Models A Comparison of Biomolecular and Quantum Computation.pdf]
[Multipartite generalisation of the Schmidt decomposition.pdf]
[Natural Computation for Business Intelligence from Web Usage Mining.pdf]
[NMR Quantum Calculations of the Jones Polynomial.pdf]
[Non-local properties of multi-particle density matrices.pdf]
[Observation and superselection in quantum mechanics.pdf]
[On local invariants of pure three-qubit states.pdf]
[On the Consistent Histories Approach to Quantum Mechanics.pdf]
[On the Local Equilibrium Condition.pdf]

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