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Quantum Information Science & Technology

UnSorted No III

[Statistical Mechanics.pdf]
[String Theory, Black Holes and Klein’s Lemma.pdf]
[Strong Determinism vs, Computability.pdf]
[Superconducting Circuits for Quantum Information - An Outlook.pdf]
[Superconvergent Perturbation Method in Quantum Mechanics.pdf]
[Symbolic Quantum Circuit Simplification In SymPy.pdf]
[The Current State and Potential of Quantum Computing.pdf]
[The diagonalization method in quantum recursion theory.pdf]
[The disentangling power of unitaries.pdf]
[The Emergence of Classicality via Decoherence - Beyond the Caldeira-Legget Environment.pdf]
[The Everett-Wheeler interpretation and the open future.pdf]
[The Fibonacci Model and the Temperley-Lieb Algebra.pdf]
[The geometric measure of multipartite entanglement and the singular values of a hypermatrix.pdf]
[The Limits of Quantum Computers (DRAFT).pdf]
[The Limits of Quantum Computers.pdf]
[The Opportunities and Challenges of Exascale Computing.pdf]
[The Promise of Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory
- Quantum Parallelism.pdf
[The Quantum IO Monad.pdf]
[The search for the decay of Z boson into two gammas as a test of Bose statistics.pdf]
[The Temple of Quantum Computing.pdf]
[Theory of Nanostructures.pdf]
[Topological Quantum Computing and the Jones Polynomial.pdf]
[Tutorial 1.pdf]
[Tutorial 4 - Algebra 34 Answers.pdf]
[Tutorials Quantum models of cognition and decision.pdf]
[Two Mode Quantum Systems - Invariant Classification
of Squeezing Transformations and Squeezed States.pdf
[Two-bit gates are universal for quantum computation.pdf]
[Types for Quantum Computing.pdf]
[Using FireFly in education and research.pdf]
[Why am I me - and why is my world so classical.pdf]
[VMD Quantum Chemistry Visualization Tutorial.pdf]
[A Brief Look at Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists.pdf]
[A scheme for protecting one-qubit information against erasure error.pdf]
[A single-atom electron spin qubit in silicon.pdf]
[Algebraic invariants of 5-qubits.pdf]
[Analytic solution for entangled two-qubit in a cavity field.pdf]
[Chapter 7, Director’s Cut It from Qubit.pdf]
[Chapter14 - Spin Qubits for Quantum Information Processing.pdf]
[Characterization of non-universal two-qubit Hamiltonians.pdf]
[Coherence control for qubits.pdf]
[Coherent manipulation of coupled Josephson charge qubits.pdf]
[Composing A Review Paper on one type of superconducting circuit qubit, Flux qubit.pdf]
[Controlled decoherence of a charge qubit in a double quantum dot.pdf]
[Decoherence in Josephson-junction qubits due to critical-current fluctuations.pdf]
[Decoherence in two Coupled Qubits.pdf]
[Decoherence of Dynamically Manipulated Qubits.pdf]
[Demonstration of two-qubit algorithms with a superconducting quantum processor.pdf]
[Entanglement of Two Qubits Mediated by One-Dimensional PlasmonicWaveguides.pdf]
[Entangling capacities of noisy two-qubit Hamiltonians.pdf]
[Equivalence between Two-Qubit Entanglement and Secure Key Distribution.pdf]
[Experimental four-qubit bound entanglement.pdf]
[Fast Quantum Gate with Superconducting Flux Qubits Coupled to a Cavity.pdf]
[Finding Small Two-Qubit Circuits.pdf]
[Flux qubit with a large loop size and tunable Josephson junctions.pdf]
[Franson-type experiment realizes two-qubit quantum logic gate.pdf]
[Geometrical Representation of Entanglement of a Three-Qubit State.pdf]
[Geometry of a qubit.pdf]
[Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-Like Symmetry in Four Qubit System.pdf]
[High-fidelity readout and control of a nuclear spin qubit in silicon.pdf]
[Hybrid Rotaxanes as Scaleable Two Qubit-Gates for Quantum Information Processing.pdf]
[Influence of intrinsic decoherence on quantum teleportation
via two-qubit Heisenberg XYZ chain.pdf
[It from Qubit.pdf]

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