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to Quantum Information Science
In General

Quantum Mechanics

[Conjugates, Correlation and the Jordan Structure of Quantum Mechanics.pdf]
[Discrete Quantum Theories.pdf]
[Hilbert Space Quantum Mechanics - Local and Noncontextual.pdf]
[Photonic Bell violation closing the fair-sampling loophole.pdf]
[Quantum systems allow active state spaces.pdf]
[Structural reason for monogamy.pdf]
[The Objective Indefiniteness Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.pdf]
[From Quantum to Random Walk.pdf]
[Grasping quantum many-body systems in terms of tensor networks.pdf]
[Introductory QED and QCD.pdf]
[Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics on Thin Structures.pdf]
[Quantum Mechanics.pdf]
[Quantum I - concept questions.pdf]
[Quantum Transition.pdf]
[Relativistic Quantum Mechanics.pdf]
[Three Pictures of Quantum Mechanics.pdf]

Perturbation Theory

[Stationary Perturbation Theory - General Considerations.pdf]
[Stationary Perturbation Theory - Solved Examples.pdf]
[Stationary Perturbation Theory - Stark Effect.pdf]
[Stationary Perturbation Theory - Zeeman Splitting.pdf]

Quantum Information Theory

[Short Course in Quantum Information.pdf]
[From Bits to Qubits.pdf]
[ Kauffman-Talk.pdf]
[Open Quantum Systems.pdf]
[Quantum Information & Cold Atoms.pdf]

Quantum Field Theory

[Relativistic Quantum Fields.pdf]

Quantum Chemistry

[Computational Quantum Chemistry.pdf]
[Introduction to Computational Chemistry.pdf]

Quantum Cryptography

[Quantum Cryptography.pdf]
[Quantum Cryptography and How Alice Outwits Eve.pdf]

Quantum Error Correction


Quantum Entanglement

[Lecture No IV.pdf]

Linear Algebra

[One - I Solving Linear Systems.pdf]
[One - II Linear Geometry.pdf]
[One - III Reduced Echelon Form.pdf]
[Two - I Definition of Vector Space.pdf]
[Two - II Linear Independence.pdf]
[Two - III Basis and Dimension.pdf]
[Three - I Isomorphisms.pdf]
[Three - II Homomorphisms.pdf]
[Three - III Computing Linear Maps.pdf]
[Three - IV Matrix Operations.pdf]
[Three - V Change of Basis.pdf]
[Three - VI Projection.pdf]
[Four - I Determinants; Definition.pdf]
[Four - II Geometry of Determinants.pdf]
[Four - III Laplace’s Expansion.pdf]
[Five - I Complex Vector Spaces.pdf]
[Five - II Similarity.pdf]
[Lab Manual for Linear Algebra.pdf]
[Linear Algebra Review.pdf]


In General

[The Cohomology of Non-Locality & Contextuality.pdf]
[Theory of Computation Tutorial VI.pdf]
[Computability & Complexity in Analysis.pdf]
[Scheduling Algorithms.pdf]
[Hilbert Space Embeddings and Dynamical Systems.pdf]
[Introduction to Coding Theory.pdf]
[Charge transfer statistics of the electronic Mach-Zehnder
interferometer in the FQHE regime.pdf
[Entanglement structure in valence-bond-solid states.pdf]
[QFT with Cold Atoms.pdf]
[Nanoelectronics - A Tutorial.pdf]
[Density functional theory and the full-potential local-orbital approach.pdf]
[Diffusive vs, Ballistic Transport.pdf]
[High-Tc Superconductors Electronic Structure.pdf]
[Landauer's formula.pdf]
[Periodic potentials - Kronig-Penney model.pdf]
[Real Crystals Properties and Bandstructure.pdf]
[The Kronig-Penney Model - A Unified Model.pdf]
[The WKB Approximatio.pdf]
[WKB Approximation Explained - part1.pdf]
[Towards Quantum Physics.pdf]
[Models of Interaction.pdf]

QCD and Collider Physics

[lecture 1.pdf]
[lecture 2.pdf]
[ecture 3.pdf]
[lecture 4.pdf]
[lecture 5.pdf]
[lecture 6.pdf]
[lecture 8.pdf]
[lecture 9.pdf]
[lecture 10.pdf]
[lecture 11.pdf]
[lecture 12.pdf]
[lecture 13.pdf]
[lecture 14.pdf]
[lecture 15.pdf]

Homework Exercises


QCD and Collider Physics II

[lecture 1.pdf]
[lecture 2.pdf]
[lecture 3.pdf]
[lecture 5.pdf]
[lecture 6.pdf]
[lecture 7.pdf]
[lecture 8.pdf]
[Introduction to Transverse Beam Dynamics.pdf]
[The Beam Emittance.pdf]



QCD and Collider Physics IV

[lecture 1 - QCD and collider physics IV LHC.pdf]
[lecture 2.pdf]
[lecture 3.pdf]
[lecture 4.pdf]
[lecture 5.pdf]
[lecture 6.pdf]



Quantum Information Processing


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